Which Material to Choose for Boat Components?

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In sailing, the choice of materials for boat components is crucial. In order to ensure optimal navigation, parts for both sailing and motor boats must be selected with care.

Types of boat components: which material is ideal?

When it comes to motor boats, for example, the choice of materials for accessories is very important. In this type of boat, lightness and mechanical strength are essential for perfect performance and cruising speed. The choice of a material such as stainless steel, therefore, can make a real difference. This is considering that a boat has many accessories such as joints, bimini fittings, ladders, handrails fittings, mooring springs, hinges, latches, shackles, swivels, pulleys and blocks. As well as eyebolts, awnings, snap hooks, ropes, wire rope thimble, turnbuckles, etc.. All of these products must be extremely high-performance in order to allow easy manoeuvring and safety.


Stainless steel: which to choose for boats?

The most suitable stainless steel for marine applications is the AISI 316. This type of material is not subject to corrosion and does not deteriorate even when in contact with seawater and salt. Thanks to its molybdenum content (about 3%) it guarantees good resistance to corrosion in highly saline environments (especially pitting corrosion), making the material particularly suitable for use in naval carpentry and components.


Pitting corrosion: something to be avoided.

Pitting is localised and usually occurs deep in narrow areolae, which are often difficult to see. But what are the factors that can promote pitting?

  • Surface roughness (the smoother a surface, the less prone it is to pitting)
  • Surface scales
  • Ferrous contamination.

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