Stainless Steel Boat Handrail and Bimini Fittings. What Are These?

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bimini fittings

The stainless steel boat handrail and bimini fittings are always available on our Inoxmare web shop.

Boat handrail fittings. A little bit of everything.

We offer a wide range of stainless steel AISI 316 boat handrail fittings.

Here are some types:

  • Base

                  – Round or rectangular
                  – Inclined to 90°, 60° or 30°
                  – Are the tubular’s base

  • Handrail fitting “Tee”a_t.png

                  – Three-way element
                  – The name derives from the most simple configuration where two ways are on the same line and the third is on an axis rotated by 90° to the previous line
                  – NEWS: Handrail Fitting 90° hinged “Tee” that facilitate the assembly (find it here)



  • Handrail fitting elbow

                  – Two or three-way  and to 90°
                  – Meeting terminal element between two tubulars

  • Handrail fitting center

                 – “Tee” bases which went straight through the handrail
                 – 60° and 90°

  • Handrail fitting end

                  – Bases where the handrail ends to 90°, 60°, 5° ½

  • End plug

                  – To close the tube

Bimini Fittings

Besides the handrail fittings, we also have in our range the bimini fittings. In stainless steel . And some in investment casting and polished.

Here are just a few:snodo_forcella_new.png

  • Bimini fork joints

                 – Clamps with fork
                 – To accommodate the terminal cap of the tube
                 – NEWS: Bimini top hinged jaw slide that facilitate the assembly (find it here)

  • Terminal caps

                 – Terminal for tubular

  • Bimini deck hingesupporto_forcella_new.jpg

                – To insert terminal caps with curved flat or curved bases (for tubular) and also different types of hook-up
                – NEWS: Bimini swivel deck hinge (find it here)

  • Bimini deck hinge side mounted
  • Open “T”

                – To connect two tubulars at 90° or 60°

                – Ø 25 mm
                – Type “A” and type “B”
                – In AISI 304

                – In AISI 316


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2 thoughts on “Stainless Steel Boat Handrail and Bimini Fittings. What Are These?”

  1. I am looking for 2 main-rails, stainless steel, for a sailing boat beneteau.

    length: 1200 mm

    Diameter: 25mm

    Fixation points: 3

    Finishing:Mirror polished

    1. Hi Marlene,
      unfortunately, we don’t sell this type of product.
      We are sorry! Have a nice day!
      Best regards,
      Alessandro – Inoxmare Staff

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