What Are Benefits and Limitations of Use of Thread Rolling Process?

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The threads obtained by rolling process have a fiber directions that increases the mechanical strength of thread. And that’s all because of cold deformation.

What are the benefits of thread rolling process?

Here are all benefits:

  • Great mechanical characteristics
  • Thread is more resistant to wear and fatigue (thanks to the hardening of the material and it is because the external fibers of material are compacted and not cut)
  • High production


What are the limitations of use of thread rolling process?

Indeed, there are the limitations of use of thread rolling process:

  • Processing of materials with high strength and low ductility
  • High precision machining


Thread rolling process and stainless steel.

The rolling process is used for impression thread creation and it is makes by threaded rollers (or flat combs)

But what does causes it in stainless steels? A significant increase of the mechanical characteristics and essentially of surface hardness.


What are the differences between ferritic and martensitic steels?

Ferritic and martensitic steels behave similarly to those related to carbon.

Although require a high energy absorption by the machine, just because of yield strength, usually higher.


Austenitic steels in particular.

This type of steel always require a higher power for use at every stage of the rolling process.

It is a result of rapid and continuous rise of the yield strength just due to work hardening. Some example.

On AISI 305 austenitic steels are found hardness values on the bottom of thread about 280 HV. The latter rise on the crest of the same to values of 380 HV. But what does this mean?

  • Allows the threaded studs with considerable resistance characteristics
  • Requires precautions in order to avoid rapid tool wear


Usually, we try to return the thread imprints on a sufficiently long tool, so to give the thread a progressive forming.


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2 thoughts on “What Are Benefits and Limitations of Use of Thread Rolling Process?”

  1. Very well-researched article. Thread rolling is a mechanical metal forging method. The metal is passed through high-pressure hardened dies to form screw threads. There is no loss of material and the thread becomes even stronger. This is a great way to produce smooth and precise thread forms of metal as well.

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