DIY Winter Boat Storage – How to Do It Better?

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This year it’s time for boat storage. The winter is coming and your clients are getting ready to do some maintenance in order to ensure a perfect working condition.

When do the maintenance of your boat?

Autumn is the best time to carry out all the maintenance operations. In fact, after using the spring and summer, the owner of the boat will have a clear picture of remedial measures. So in spring, it will be important to only perform works necessary for the launch of the season.

What maintenance operations are fundamental for a perfect storage of boat?

Here are some basic maintenance operations to be carried out periodically during wintering storage.


What should you clean?

  • Bottom
  • Deck (and oil the teak)
  • Engine (make fresh water recirculation and if the pipes seem clogged from limestone also vinegar of descaler)


What other things do you need to check?

  • screws
  • engine stems
  • fuel tank, tube, hose clamps
  • cooling pumps
  • spark plugs
  • steering systems
  • steering gears
  • electrical system
  • plumbing


What should you replace?

  • Oil and fuel filter
  • Engine oil
  • Antifreeze


What to do with the deck equipment?

  • STAINLESS STEEL/CHROME-PLATED BRASS/ALUMINIUM: check for any signs of corrosion on the accessories. Then clean them and protect them with specific products.
  • WOOD: clean and then protect these surfaces with specific products
  • ROPES: rinse, dry and store them.
  • CANOPY AND SIMILAR: clean them in fresh water with toiletries and dry them.


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