Potable Water Pipes Rehabilitation: Choosing Stainless Steel.

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potable water pipes

The rehabilitation of potable water pipes in a bad state is one of the priority problems of public administrations. There are many possible solutions to ensure its durability over time. Let us look at them together.

Potable water pipes: possible causes of deterioration.

In cities, potable water is distributed through pipelines built with materials such as grey cast iron, protected steel or even asbestos cement. These types of materials, however, are subjected daily to vibrations induced by vehicle traffic or cathodic corrosion phenomena that make them fragile and difficult to maintain. Replacing them is also often complex, causing traffic problems due to construction sites (blocking traffic for long periods).


Restoration of potable water pipes: what solutions are possible?

If a pipeline is in a bad state, leakage may occur:

  • Leaks
  • Ground infiltrations
  • Bursts.

Resulting in wasted potable water and great inconvenience for citizens. One of the possible solutions for remediation is the introduction of stainless steel pipes into the old pipelines. The latter will serve as ‘insulators’ for the stainless steel pipes, protecting them from direct mechanical stress.


Why use stainless steel?

The advantages of using stainless steel as a pipe material bring countless benefits such as

  • greater durability (risk of bursting reduced to zero)
  • absence of protective coatings (external or internal)
  • no release of potentially harmful substances
  • perfect hygiene requirements
  • high tolerance to ground settlements (of sismic origin).

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