Flue Pipes for Industrial Plants. Why Choose Stainless Steel?

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In addition to housing, flue pipes are also used in industrial suction systems. The material with which they are made, therefore, becomes fundamental to the smooth operation of the plants themselves.

Flue pipes. Why choose stainless steel?

In recent years, many industries have chosen to install stainless steel flue pipes. This material, in fact, has specific characteristics that make it ideal for this type of application, in a certain type of environment. Let’s see together what these characteristics are. Stainless steel flue pipes, for example, withstand the corrosive effects of acidic condenses. In addition, this material allows the flue pipes to quickly pass the “dew point”, the temperature value for which condensation is reached. Another stainless steel characteristic is to be able to work with a very low  roughness coefficent and, as a result, it can have a little resistance to the flow of fumes.

What are the benefits of choosing stainless steel?

Stainless steel flue pipes have a lot of advantages. They 

  • can be insulated
  • maintain an adequate temperature of the interior walls
  • last over time, preventing the deterioration of the walls in contact with fumes.

The use of materials such as AISI 316L or AISI 316Ti stainless steel, for example, which are insensitive to the most of condense acids, is ideal for a long period of time.

And the effects to be avoided..

The flue pipes used in industrial plants are subject to various effects due to:

  • heat
  • corrosion
  • presence of gas and condensation.

How is it possible that the use of stainless steel can reduce or eliminate these effects? The effects of

  • heat: stainless steel has a great heat resistance (with high operating temperatures between 870°-925°).
  • corrosion: there are austenitic stainless steel (316L and 316Ti) able to ensure resistance to the attacks of corrosive agents present in the fumes (as sulfuric and nitric acid), as mentioned above.
  • combustion products (gas and condensation): the stainless steel workability allows to obtain flue systems with couplings and connections, that are able to doesn’t disperse the combustion condenses and gases, thanks to their impermeability.

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