Coastal Areas. Which Stainless Steel Choose in Construction?

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coastal areas

Which Stainless Steel Choose in Construction? In coastal areas the choice of materials to be used in the construction of buildings and architecture is critical. In fact, this choice could safety, durability and aesthetics of the works themselves. As in this case, in a very “aggressive” as marine atmospheres.

Choose the right stainless steel. What factors to evaluate?

It is necessary to choose on the basis of:

  • Material

             – Chemical composition
             – Finishing and surface condition
             – Structure
             – Specifics draw
             – Setting mode

  • Aggressive agent

             – Chemical composition
             – Concentration
             – Temperature
             – Relative speed compared to material

Coastal areas marine atmospheres. What materials should I choose?

In these cases it is necessary to choose materials with the highest chromium and molybdenum standards (AISI 316 – 316L). In fact, the latter increases the resistance of the protective film making stainless steel more durable. What are the applications of stainless steel in construction? Mainly, in urban design, roofs, facedes, reinforcing bars and much more.. Other concrete example? They are used in bulwarks of boardwalks, harbor areas, bridges and jetties etc..

Why choose stainless steel?

The first factor that should not be underestimated is the economic one. In fact, even though the initial purchasing investment of product will be expensive, this will pay for itself with high durability of the product.

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