Stainless Steel Intended for the Carriage of Gas

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Connections for fluids (e.g. for gases) must have certain characteristics depending on the use to which they must do. In this post we will get a more precise picture of the use of stainless steel for the carriage of gas.

When use stainless steel pipes?

Pipes made of austenitic stainless steel is needed when you cannot use a rigid metal pipe. For example when there are problems of movements, vibrations or thermal expansion. Or when you are having a problem of coupling and decoupling. In such cases, in fact, need more flexible metal pipes or expansion joints.

What are the pros and cons?

Although the use of stainless steel pipe means a higher initial cost, this is now “paid off” from the savings achieved during assembly and, especially, in the lifetime of the product. The use of stainless steel, it allows you to minimize the replacements of parts of the plants that would result in the same facility and increased costs. This would make it possible to implement a strategy for reducing costs of installation and maintenance of the system. In addition, you can also use AISI 316 l steel in environments considered aggressive (such as those found in some industrial processes).

In addition, products produced in Europe are better thanks to specific rules drawn up by CEN and not only. For example ISO and UNI. This allows the user to have a working knowledge of the performance of the products.

Pipes not only.

The use of stainless steel for the transport of gases is not just limited to the pipes but also extends to other products. For example the stainless steel press fitting systems are fit for transport and distribution of gas. These fittings are required, then, for the construction of gas installations. But in terms of natural gas? What is the next best choice in relation to the material to use? The choice of stainless steel will preserve the purity of the gas transported, in addition to the quality of the system.

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