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Some time ago one of the readers of our blog asked us some interesting questions about chains and locking systems for use in an electroless nickel-plating industry. We want to share with you the answer of our expert Alessandro.

The first question about stainless steel chains.

In this electroless nickel-plating industry, the pieces are hunged in the pre-treatment and treatment tanks. They have always used stainless steel hooks, with different sizes and shapes depending on the weight and holes available on the pieces themselves. Since time, however, they have been interested in the possibility of suspension using stainless steel chains. This material, in fact, is already used in this industry for the tanks, which are in AISI 316L.


The second question about the locking systems for chians.

Here it is necessary to keep in mind that the pre-treatment they perform are:

  • alkaline degreasing (pH>9)
  • acid picklings (pH<3)
  • electroless nickel-planting performed at 90° and at pH 4,4/4,7.

And secondly, that the maintenance of the tanks is carried out by diluted nitric acid (pH 2,5) at 70°C. With this background, what types of chains it is better to use? And what are the most suitable locking systems in this case?


Answer of expert.

It would make sense to think that if AISI 316L stainless steel tanks never really give me much trouble with products and environmental conditiona, a chain of the same material should be appropriate. What should be ascertained, however, is the work that these chains will go to. If, in fact, it is a question of handling dynamic and non-static loads, the use of blocking systems will be necessary (a set of chains, D-shackles, linchpins, etc..) which are real lifting parts.

And what does that mean? The requirement to affix the CE marking on products, under “european machinery directive 2006/42/CE”. The products we need have

  • to be forged
  • to respect the national and international standard rules
  • the mandatory CE marking.

In our range this type of material is not present but, on the national territory, there are companies that specialize in this type of connection, which also provide blocking systems that have already been assembled.

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