Docking Manoeuvres – Which Marine Hardware Do You Need?

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Docking (or mooring maneuvers) are used for the stabilisation and stop of a boat, to a specific point located (usually in a port, roadsteads or short distance from the coast). How to do this? Thanks to elements used to stabilize the position of the boat.

How do you make a docking?

The most common docking is the ” wharfage mooring” which is carried out by whip to cleats and rings. So, docking can be realized only in ordinary sea bottoms and not in deep-sea, where it becomes necessary, instead, anchoring with longer chains. What specifically the docking manoeuvres?

  • decelerate during the approach
  • introduced the craft with the side to be fixed for the parking
  • hook (or fix) the boat at stable structures.


Some docking techniques.

Wharfage mooring can be made in different ways. The ropes/cables (fixed by the ground linesmen) are pulled on board by hand (or by machine).

The rope on shrinking will approach. Here are some ways to docking.

  • to moor alongside (the quay)
    • boat parallel to the quay
    • six cables that ensure the boat to quay
  • to moor stern on
    • boat placed perpendicular to the quay
    • bow out maintained by bower anchors, moorings or buoys
    • stern assured with twisted wires to ground cleats and with stern fairleads to the board cleats.
  • to moor bow on
    • boat placed perpendicular to the quay
    • stern out maintained by bower anchors, moorings or buoys
    • bow assured with twisted wires to ground cleats and with bow fairleads to the board cleats


Some marine hardware to use.

Essential during these maneuvers are the mooring shock absorbers. What is their function? Mooring shock absorbers are elastic bodies that are attached to the boat by a rope or chain. These items are used to protect the mooring from wave energy, thus ensuring greater comfort on board. These mooring shock absorbers can be used in rubber, thermoplastic material or stainless steel (see art. 8161). Mooring shock absorbers are often used in connectors that safety chains (see here). Also cleats and D-shackles are useful items during docking manoeuvres. Here you can find them in stainless steel AISI 316/A4 (see cleats) (see D-shackles).

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