Furnish with Stainless Steel. What Are the Benefits?

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furnish with stainless steel

The trend of recent years in the field of furniture and design is to use stainless steel as material (e.i. AISI 316). But what are the benefits of applying this material to furnish?

Why using stainless steel?

The main advantages of the stainless steel used as part of installation are:

  • Good structural characteristics
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexibility
  • Breaking low.

In addition to these advantages, we also remember that:

  • has a low weight
  • it is easy to assemble with other elements (by welding, mechanical joining or bonding etc..)
  • possibility to surface finishes (i.e. coloring or painting)

Which components can be used? Here are some examples.

As is well known, modern designer’s imagination has no limits. There are many, in fact, the lines of stainless steel products used for the decoration of interiors and exteriors. Some examples?

  • Wire ropes (as a support for climbing plants, arbors and gazebo but not only)
  • Swage jaw terminals or Closed Body Turnbuckle jaw-swages (useful for the realization of load-bearing structural cables tie rods etc..)
  • Turnbuckles
  • Clamps (as support for shelves and panels)
  • Threaded rods
  • Reinforcing bars
  • Wire rope thimbles, D-shackles and eye bolts.

How use them?

Many of the items mentioned above can be used for building stairs, railings, parapets or balustrades. And much more. They can also be used for awnings or technical, as well as for sails or sails for swimming pools. Applications can be many even in architecture, stained glass windows and curtain walls or industrial structures.

In short, the use of stainless steel in this area allows the care of aesthetics, as well as the structural. With a look at the simplicity and elegance.

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