Stainless Steel D-Shackles and Swivels – How to Use Them?

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Our excursus on stainless steel nautical accessories continued. After the Eyebolts, the Boat Hook Brackets and the Clam shell vents etc.. Today we talk about D-Shackles and Swivels..

The many uses of D-Shackles.

D-Shackles are also called in many ways in nautical jargon. These are commonly used to connect the ropes to sails. In addition to this, they can be used for emergency repairs and other cohesion functions. For example: they are used to connect a wirerope splicing with a ring (or fixed point), or a chain with an anchor, or a rope with a chain etc..

The most common types of D-Shackles.

Below is a ranking of the most common types of D-Shackles.

  • Standard D-shackles:
  • the most common type used
  • the pin is screwed (or closes) with a little key at the end that prevents it from slipping out


  • Bow shackles:
    • its longest arch allows you to accommodate more equipment together
  • Twisted bow shackles:
    • it is used when the stress is perpendicular to the axis of the pin
  • Spring D-shackles:
    • this type of latch prevents that the pin to stick out from the halyard or the eyelet
  • Wide type D shackle


What are the swivels used for?

The swivels allow the ropes and cables to turn without tangling. In addition, the swivels can be connected with blocks, anchor holder chains, pulleys, shackles, thimbles, mooring buoy¹ etc..


¹ A float moored in water to mark a location, warn of danger, or indicate a navigational channel.

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