Agricultural Machinery: What Are the Treatment Options for Blades?

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Even today we want to share with you one of the many questions that come to us from our readers. This applies to agricultural machinery and recommended treatments for blades. Let’s find out together what our expert Alessandro answered.

The question: what treatments for blades of agricultural machinery?

Our user asked us a really interesting question. What treatment is suitable for the blades of agricultural machinery made with the material 30 MN B5 EN 10083-3? First, it is necessary to specify that this material is a boron steel calmed to fine grain, temper, which gives it the basic hardness and elasticity for wear-resistant uses.


Our expert’s response.

After hardening, the 30 MN B5 EN 10083-3 is perfect for any wear and on. In particular, it is ideal for the agricultural sector. In fact, it is often used for parts of plows, harpoons, knives, spades, etc.. This is thanks to the low level of alloy elements that makes the steel 30 MN B5 EN 10083-3 sufficiently flexible even without resorting to a re-entry (it is useless to re-enter  for thicknesses < 6 mm). If more flexibility is needed, it may be appropriate to find at 450 ÷ 600°C for 1 ÷ 2 ore. This type of steel can be hot-formed but must occur at temperatures between 880 ÷ 1000 °C (the time to stay above 920°C should be as small as possible).

What if we talk about welding?

As for welding, the 30 MN B5 EN 10083-3 is a steel little subject to fragile breakage. To avoid risks, however, it is better to preheat at 150° and multiple welding cords with low thermal material intake. It is possible to practice cutting on a flame, with the part hardened for just over 1 mm.

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