The Unfailing Stainless Steel for Brewery

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stainless steel for brewery

Stainless steel for brewery. What do stainless steel and beer have in common? The lovers of the latter know that some types of stainless steels are suitable for contact with foods. Also these types of steel are used in brewery (for the production of beer).


What type of stainless steel using?


As we know, there are different types of steel. In the case of system for the production of beer, however, it is necessary to use the onemost suitable for food use. The AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel are suitable and readily available. These two types of stainless steel have similar characteristics.

You can use the AISI 304 for cold-working. (e.g. tanks, fermenters capable etc..)


Indeed, the AISI 316 for hot-working. (e.g. mash, boiling etc..) thanks to its excellent resistance to corrosion by acidic substances.




What items did you use?


Stainless steel fittings will be essential, besides mills, pump, fermenters and pots etc.. What’s specifically necessary? Ball valves, hose-connectors, niples, tee, nuts, washers for tap, hose and pipe clamps, threaded fittings etc.. Therefore, all those parts which will be constantly in contact with the beer must. Where to use them? We can use them to connect pipes to pumps and heat exchanger. Or to mount the bottom of the pots a ball valve with an hose clamp.



Stainless steel for brewery. Who is your customer? A brewer.

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