What Are the Sources for Metallurgical Instabilities?

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metallurgical instabilities

METALLURGICAL INSTABILITIES. The metallurgical situation can be modified by various factors such as stress, time, temperature and environment. In fact, these elements can increase or decrease the resistance.

Metallurgical instabilities – The instability sources.

What are the sources of metallurgical instability? There are many causes that may lead to instability, here we see some of them:

  • transgranular and intergranular fractures transition
  • recrystallisation
  • aging and over-aging
  • precipitation of phases
  • decomposition of carbides, borides or nitrites.
Some other source of instability.

In addition, to those already mentioned, there are also other types of sources of instability as

  • precipitation of intermetallic phases
  • order-disorder transition
  • generalized oxidation
  • intergranular corrosion
  • stress corrosion.
In detail: transgranular and intergranular fracture transition.

Basically, the transgranular and intergranular fracture transition occurs when the grain boundaries properties are different from those of the heart of the grain. How?

  • To high temperature: grain boundaries fail (the fracture thus becomes intergranular)
  • To low temperature: external grain boundaries becomes more resistant than on internal boundaries.

Each stress combination and stress life, correspond to a temperature above which the fracture becomes intergranular.

In other cases, however, a fracture can be either trans-and intergranular.

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