Phillips – Stainless Steel Cross Recessed Pan Head Screws

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This type of screw with imprint appeared when an American businessman Henry Phillips bought a draft of an imprint for screws by an inventor named J.P. Thompson.

About cross recessed pan head screws. 

The project was not revealed before because Thompson was unable to convince the producers of screws on the feasibility of his project in this time.

Phillips on the contrary, believed in the project and was able to refine it. He founded the company Phillips Screw Company and takes a patent In 1933 in Oregon (USA). The success of this kind of screws is also due to the fact that in 1939/40 the automotive company General Motors began to produce and use them. The auto companies still today use these screws and after also the other sectors have started incorporating them into their work.

Why they got appreciated soon?

The utility of the screws with cross recess or Philips is given by the fact that unlike those with footprint slotted, the Philips screws allow a much higher torque and once the screw ends its turn it escapes without deforming the footprint.

Stainless steel screws and the individual signatures that you can find.

Some types of Philips screw that you can buy directly online:

Cross recessed:

  • pan head screw
  • countersunk head screw
  • raised countersunk oval head screw
  • pan head tapping screw, type C (conical)

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