Which Material Has to Be Preferred for Outdoor Railings?

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One of our users asked us an interesting question about outdoor railings. Which material is the best choice?

Outdoor railings: the technical question.

Our user must redo all the railings of the balconies of his home. And he decided to lean towards the use of stainless steel. Given that the house is far from the sea (without chlorides or aggressive agents), the user would like to choose an AISI 316 stainless steel so as to have greater durability and better aesthetic preservation over time. But what’s the question? He asks us if there is an actual “gain” from this choice. If you choose a higher stainless steel does it mean doing less maintenance?


Answer of our expert!

How did our expert answer in this case? Let’s see it together! More than choosing between AISI 304 and AISI 316, it would be appropriate to choose a low carbon alloy (e.g. AISI 304L or AISI 316L), not more than 0.03%. Because, when it comes to fences, you usually have to deal with welded joints and, therefore, with the danger of intercrystalline corrosion near the welds. In these cases, the surface finish of the material plays a crucial role. There are several types, the important thing is to choose a low roughness finish possible, that does not hold impurities and that facilitates its maintenance. For example, the handrails of boats which, not surprisingly, are perfectly shiny.


Outdoor railings: some maintenance advice.

If the material and finish are high quality and the installation took place respecting all the precautions that the stainless claims (as do not weld iron nearby, do not use fixing systems of different materials, do not create galvanic cells with other materials, etc..) maintenance can be significantly reduced but it must be carried out on a regular basis. Maintaining steel railings is really simple and involves minimal effort. To best polish stainless steel, simply use a simple cloth with soap and water, avoiding more invasive abrasive products or detergents with chlorine. The stainless steel is definitely a good choice for the railings of the balconies, in addition to the aesthetic value, it guarantees, an exceptional durability.

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