Weld Nuts – What Are the Welding Techniques?

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weld nuts

Weld nuts are specially designed to be welded in cold and hot plates. Aldo, there are two different welding techniques: projection or capacitive discharge welding.

Weld nuts: some technical details.

Stainless steel weld nuts are produced according to UNI EN ISO 21670 standard. These type of nuts have special pin (or ashlars) in specific areas.

These pins merge following a current step, allowing the welding of the threaded component to the main structure.

Weld nuts: the projection welding.

The projection form a current conduction point well defined. Parts are placed one above the other and after welded together at this point. To do this, we can use large welding electrodes and a current pulse under the influence of the strength of the electrodes.

Also, it is possible to weld several projections simultaneously. Specifically, it is mainly used for large assembly lines.

Weld nuts: the capacitive discharge welding.

This type of welding allows a more homogeneous of the breakdown of the welding current through all the pins. More specifically, it is used in manual welding.

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