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stainless steel marine hardware

As mentioned in the last week post, we want to give you some information about stainless steel marine hardware.

Clamps, threaded couplings and not only..

In the post released last Thursday we talked of many stainless steel marine hardware as calibrated chains, mooring shock absorbers and much more. On boats, for example, in addition to these marine hardware are used wire rope clips for use with stainless steel wire ropes/cables. Usually the stainless steel simplex or duplex wire rope clips are also used, they are perfect for bare or plastic coated wires. Other marine hardware are the sleeves for splicing, often available in copper. Hand-operated swager with special steel jaws, with hight frequency and temperature treatment. It is equipped with rubber handle, so as to facilitate gripping during use. This type of swager allows a fine adjustment of the pressing sleeve. For example, the swagers with original japanese cutter are the very best tools today in the world.


Round bases, wire rope thimbles and much more..

Even stainless steel mounting plates for fixing on deck, or stanchion round bases (round or rectangular) often polished and in investment casting. Other marine hardware that are often indispensable are the eye straps. These can be of different types (such as the tie down eye straps) and they can be made with different treatments (e.g. stamped or investment casting). The stainless steel wire ropes thimbles are for use on the mooring lines/for anchoring (e.g. polyester). The thimbles can be made on nylon or on a special elastomer. Last but not least are the adjustable slide buckles with stainless steel sliders. Suitable, for example, to fix life-rafts, after checking the maximum load in kg that they can support.


In a world of wire rope terminals.

Useful for use on boats are also the wire rope terminals. These can be of different types as

In addition to wire rope terminals, there are also those for handrails, often polished and in investment casting.


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