What Are the Solutions to the Connecting Problems?

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connecting problems

As mentioned in the post last week, after seeing together what are the functions of the mechanical connections. Today we will talk about the solutions of connecting problems.

What are those factors?

Thanks to a methodical analysis of the factors will be easier to find a suitable solution to the connecting problem. But we analyze specifically these special factors.

  • SHAPE OF THE SURFACES TO BE CONNECTED: the mechanical connection takes place via contact surfaces that have to coincide (elementary geometrical surfaces can be cylindrical, conical, prismatic, spherical and flat coil)


  • THE NATURE AND IMPORTANCE OF PRESENT STRESSES: it is essential to choose shapes and sizes of resistant sections so the unit stresses to which they are subject are lower or equal to the safety loads of the materials used.


  • SHARES OF CONTACT BETWEEN SURFACES TO BE CONNECTED: you must meet the requirements inherent in the specific pressure between adjacent surfaces of mechanical parts related. How are you going to do that? It is essential to ensure that the ratio of support areas size the clamping force and common area does not exceed certain values.
    • Fixed assemblies (it is necessary to maintain the pressure on values that it does not cause any permanent deformation intolerable)
    • Movable lubricate assemblies (the load must not expel the lubricant between the surfaces


Connecting problems – In conclusion..

Finally, in a connection, the stresses present must be carefully evaluated. Above all, respect the choice of the lower bearing support areas of the sections connecting elements used.


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