Hydraulic Crimping Tools 12 – What to Pay Attention?

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hydraulic crimping

As promised in the post on Tuesday, today we want to give you some useful information about the manual hydraulic crimping tools. In particular, some warning to watch out for.

How to use the Hydraulic Crimping Tools?

In this post we want to suggest some trick to use the hydraulic crimping tool. First, this tool must not be used without first fixing dies. Also, before you need to choose the appropriate die based on the given application. It is also important to know that the dies should be placed only in pairs, maintaining also the correct order in the tool head (according to drawing). And the locking bolt? Must be fully inserted, until it locks into place.

hydraulic crimping

How to press?

We place the material to be pressed between the dies in the head of the press. Initially:

  • the rotary valve is moved to “on”
  • the hand lever is lifted and lowered several times against the fixed hand lever.


Next, just because of the pressure, the piston comes out, so that compressing the return spring. The two dies pressed move towards each other. It is necessary to be careful, when press dies lightly touch against each other, it is essential to stop the action on the moving lever. But what to do next? Make sure that the material to be pressed is positioned correctly and then operate moving lever one last time.

What to do when the crimp process is finished?
  • turn the rotary valve to “off”
  • drain the oil into the feed tube.

Then the lower die will return to its initial position.

What to pay attention to hydraulic crimping tools?

We have some additional advice to give you. It is crucial in fact:

  • do not overload the hydraulic manual crimping B12
  • complete the crimping process when dies (upper and lower) are touching. In fact, a further pumping may damage parts of the clamp
  • protect the tool from impacts against hard material
  • Avoid contact with aggressive chemicals
  • Check the valve position, immediately after use.
Yet some warning.

Being a professional tool, hydraulic crimping tool must be used according to the instruction manual. In addition, the disassembly and repair may only be carried out by qualified personnel.

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