Water Cycle. Why Choose Stainless Steel?

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In this post we will discover why stainless steels are used during the water cycle. In particular what are those who find increased use.

How choose the type of steel?

What are the basic parameters for choosing the right type of steel? Here are the determining factors:

  • Chemical composition
  • Aggressive agent concentration
  • Temperature

Austenite series stainless steels are most commonly used in the water cycle. In particular, AISI 304 (chromium-nickel) and AISI 316 (chromium-molybdenum). Below is the table with the aforementioned percentage composition.



EN 10088

C Cr Ni Mo
AISI 304 ≤ 0,07 17,00 ÷ 19,50 8,00 ÷ 10,50 –           
AISI 316 ≤ 0,07 16,50 ÷ 18,50 10,00 ÷ 13,00 2,00 ÷ 2,50


Austenitic steel. Why are the most widely used?

According to the various applications, you will choose between one or the other type of steel. Also in relation to the chemical composition of the steel. But what is the main reason that dictates the choice of steel? Without a doubt, the presence of particularly aggressive environments. In these cases, it is necessary to use materials as austenitics, which:

  • require little maintenance
  • have a compact surface and porosity-free
  • are hygienic
  • have a great:

                – durability
                – corrosion resistance
                – resistance to action of detergents, solvents, sanitizers, disinfectants etc..
                – crashworthiness and mechanical stress resistance
                – thermal shock resistance.

Finally, you will need to have any special precautions during processing and operation.

So as to minimize corrosion initiation phenomena on the material.


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