Austenitic Stainless Steel Fasteners. Why Use Them? PART II

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Here is the second part of our post on austenitic steel connection elements. What are the advantage of using them?

Temperature resistance.

Austenitic steel has good resistance to temperature. For connection parts galvanized the Chromating is destroyed at temperatures above 80°C. So drastically reduce the corrosion resistance.


Maintenance and not only that..

Austenitic steel screws and nuts are raw. Therefore they are always coupled. In fact, if the screws galvanized coating thickness is exceeded permissible sides seized during installation. Perform maintenance work on austenitic steels will be extremely easy (being in the absence of rust). Often, it is impossible to unscrew the rusted nuts and bolts. In these cases, disassembly is tiring. In addition, you will run the risk of damaging components.


The case of wooden buildings.

In wooden constructions it is essential the use of austenitic steel connection elements. Especially for the environment-friendliness. In fact, the use of galvanized screws cause a chemical reaction with the tannic acid contained in the same wood. This would be because of the grey-black wood, not deleltable. Beyond that it is not recommended the use of bonding high strength martensitic steels because of a limited and temporary corrosion protection and the risk of stress corrosion cracking.

Risk of corrosion for wood? We recommend the use of austenitic steel fasteners!

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