Interior and Exterior Design: Decorative Stainless Steel

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decorative stainless steel

Wood, glass, crystal are used for years in Modern Design. The decorative stainless steel is not less so! The stainless steel resistance and undeniable elegance making it one of the most used materials in this sector. 

Where to use stainless steel?
Stainless steel is often used as a furnishing design. Yes, but where exactly? It is often used precisely inhomes. In fact, thanks to its perfectly adaptable “style”  to any environment, stainless steel is perfect for various applications. Also, stainless steel is often used in furniture shops. This material allows to create many functional solutions. Stainless steel always being contemporary “taste”, almost “minimal”.


When to use stainless steel? For interior or exterior design.

The stairs (interior or external) are one of furnishing where stainless steel is more improved. It can be used to create handrails or banisters, in whole or in part of the stairs. Its ductility allows it to be molded into different shapes. Do you want some examples? In cantilevered staircase the stainless steel ropes must bear the weight of the wood stair-step that seem to float in the air. One more example? The winding staircase with their stainless steel central stringer and glass, wood or stone stair-steps. Or also the spiral staircase that are created entirely in stainless steel. This type of material is always more frequently used as a railing of the terraces. Stainless steel is often combined with glass parapet that guarantee the contemporary perception of “open space”.  Also stainless steel is used for windows, doors, facades and doorways.


The high-potential of stainless steel.

One of many special characteristic of stainless steel is the resistance to the possible effects of water. In fact, many designers choose this material for handrails, whirlpool deckchair and much more in the pool area. 


Indeed, together with the glass, stainless steel is widely used for roofing as canopies, cupolas, roof terraces and doorways.

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  1. A very good explanation about Stainless steel. I was looking for some railings in my balcony I am reading your postings regarding stainless steel it was interesting and informative. Thank you for your information for customers like us.

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