Wood Screws With EPDM Washers – For Waterproofing Roofs?

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EPDM washers

Stainless steel wood screws with mounted EPDM washers are used for waterproofing roofs. Why?

Wha3172CA814147E131E589C6AF873372B9.jpgt wood screw with EPDM-washers are?

These screws can guarantee a perfect watertight seal with their AISI 304 stainless steel and pre-assembled EPDM-washers. EPDM rubber (ethylene – propylene – diene monomer M-class rubber) is a type of synthetic rubber. It is a terpolymer of ethylene, propylene and a diene-component and it’s closely related to ethylene propylene rubber.


EPDM rubber: compatible or not?

EPDM exhibits satisfactory compatibility with:

  • fireproof hydraulic fluids
  • ketones
  • hot and cold water
  • alkalis

And it exhibits unsatisfactory compatibility with most:

  • oils
  • gasoline
  • kerosene
  • aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • halogenated solvents
  • concentrated acids.



EPDM rubber: main properties

Typical properties of EPDM vulcanizates are given below. Indeed, the main properties of EPDM are its:

  • outstanding heat, ozone, and weather resistance
  • resistance to polar substances and steam
  • excellent electrical insulating properties
  • good resistance to ketones, ordinary diluted acids, and alkalies.


Stainless steel wood screws with mounted EPDM-washers are coming to the Inoxmare web shop.

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