Hexagon Socket Screws – What Benefits?

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hexagon socket screws

Hexagon Socket Screws, Brugola, Allen, Hex Key, socket wrench? You are thinking: “That’s 4 different types of screws”. But it didn’t! A single screw for so many name. A type of mechanical key characterized by an hexagonal section. And its technical name depending on the country.

Allen screws: the US patent. 

In 1910, the American William G. Allen has patented the hexagon socket screw. It’s better known as Allen.

This screw made its first global “public appearance” at the Standard Pressed Steel Company (SPS) of Philadelphia, in the following year.

Hexagon Socket Screws. A screw with a million different versions.

In 1936, also the German company Bauer und Schaurte patented an independent version of this screw, called Imbus. Indeed, in the Spanish and French-speaking

Countries, this screw is still known as Allen keys. The Llave Allen for Spanish and the Clé Allen for French, respectively. In Italy, Egidio Brugola (from whom our screw took its name) founded the Officine Brugola of Lissone. And he started to to commercialize the made-in-Italy Allen screws, already in 1926.

Keys and Allen screws. What’s benefits?


There are many benefits for the use of the screws and Allen keys:


  • They are economic and easier to produce
  • Their lever arch mechanisms allows you to apply increased tightening torque
  • The key does not risk to get out from screw. So that the surrounding surfaces they may not be damaged
  • The Allen screw may be inserted using simple the key.


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  1. It makes sense that a fastener that is hexagonal would be easier to produce because of the simple design. Using them would probably be pretty simple too because you would just need a socket wrench. That way you can install them into lots of different things without too much trouble which would be helpful when working on different projects.

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