What Is the Right Welding Process of Stainless Steel Joints?

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Our blog is back after the Christmas break to talk again about welded joints corrosion. In today’s post we want to talk about the right welding process of stainless steel components. How to weld them to the best without incurring corrosion?

What to pay attention to welding process of components?

The choice of the right welding parameters, in addition to the right technique with which to carry it out, are fundamental for this operation. Both in terms of mechanical performance and for the corrosion resistance of the joint. Just think of how much the thermal contribution affects the phenomenon of sensitization. The high amounts of heat contribute, in fact, to prolong the time of stay in the critical temperature range for individual stainless steel families.


Welding process of components: the choice of parameters.

So from the point of view of thermal input, what is it good to choose?  The choice of a not invasive technique or a well calibrated technique will certainly be optimal for the life of the joint itself. In fact, it should never be forgotten that excessive heat supply and a consequent permanence at high temperatures cause an enlargement of the grain. Thus, in addition to the toughness of the joint, the corrosion resistance of the same will also decrease locally.


Another tip: a proper joint design.

Another fundamental thing is the design of the joint. Whenever possible, it is advisable to perform a joint design in order to facilitate the correct disposal of the heat brought during welding. How to do it? For example, it is possible to try to minimize thicknesses in the welded area (compatible with mechanical needs). But what problems can be encountered if the joint is not properly designed? One problem could be that of residual tensions. These can be made less important by taking into account the different expansions due to thermal alteration. A correct joint design would also avoid any stagnation zones or interstices, which can be home to corrosive joints.

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