Garden Sail Canopies – What Accessories Do You Need to Install Them?

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In recent years, the sail canopies made their way as an alternative to traditional gazebos and sunshades in the gardens. This type of coverage, it is cheap and innovative, especially in terms of design.

Different types of sail canopies.

On the market there are different types of sail canopies: from fixed ones (which can be waterproof and shading) until those rolling-motorized (easy to close in windy conditions and perfect for maintenance during wintering). Of course, these tents are available in all any sizes, shapes (square, triangular and rectangular) and colors.


Where use them?

Sail canopies can be used in different environments, thanks to their practicality and efficiency. They are used as garden and terrace roofs, to decorate outdoor areas in an aesthetically pleasing or for more functional use (e.g. carports). Thanks to their ease of assembly/disassembly and their practicality in use, the sail canopies are perfect to be removed in a short time (thanks above carabiners). Also, they are easy to move depending on the angle of incidence of the sun.

How to install the sail canopies?

For mounting of these roofs requires the use of different accessories (often made in stainless steel or galvanized) usually used in boating. Sail canopies are installed on anchor strut or brackets to concrete or wall. An installation of this type is also made to wall. The sail canopie strips are fixed to the anchor poles in stainless steel or anodized aluminium. Both materials are highly wear and saltiness resistant.

This type of poles are sturdy and, therefore, not subjected to flexure that allow

  • optimal tension of sail canopie
  • rainwater run off
  • excellent wind resistance.

In addition to anchor pole will need other accessories such as

  • anchor and wall brackets (to be placed in the ground or on the wall)
  • wedge anchors (for positioning of the brackets)
  • carabiners (to attach to sail canopie and D-shackles welded to anchor bracket)
  • turnbuckles (enhance the sail canopie tension).

All preferably in stainless steel AISI 316/A4, for greater resistance to marine environments. In addition, you can use wire ropes stainless steel.

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