Stainless Steel Decking Screws: 10 Good Reasons to Buy Them!

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stainless steel decking screws

Are your customers outdoor wood floor installers, on which it’s essential to be able to safely walk on barefoot? Do others ruin the screws breaking the heads while screwing them on the planks? The new stainless steel decking screws are the solution to your problems!

Outdoor wood floor screws (alias decking screws): small details which make the difference.

The AISI 410 – C1 stainless steel (martensitic and ferromagnetic) makes the decking screws more resistant, without breaking the head while screwing them.

  • Small countersunk head penetrates right near the stave.
  • With its special threaded point (extending to the end) it is easy to fasten and also suitable for hard woods.
  • Hexalobular TX imprint allows the screw to fastly penetrate.
  • Sharpness under the head makes the screw self-braking and able to resist vibrations.
  • Threading guarantees an accurate installation without running the risk of ruining them.

In addition to AISI 410 – C1 stainless steel, the decking screws can also be make in AISI 316/A4 and AISI 304/A2 stainless steels.

Decking screw dimensions: is all that matters.

The stainless steel decking screws have different sizes, for every need.


  • 5*50 TX25
  • 5*60 TX25
  • 5*70 TX25
  • 5*80 TX25
and other measures will be soon available.

Stainless steel decking screws resistance: strength and aesthetic in one screw.
  • Excellent durability thanks to the high vibration resistance that makes it difficult to unscrew them.
  • Low maintenance thanks to the stainless steel resistance to corrosion.
  • Perfect aesthetic of the wood floor, without visible screws, thanks to the small countersunk head.
    Walk on barefoot? Now, that won’t be a problem.

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    I am a Resort Consultant & we buy large quantities of timber for Decking, Boardwalk & pathways.

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