Inoxmare 2019 – Our Warehouse in Bologna Will Grow Up

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Today, many companies are talking about quality. At present, customer service offers great opportunities to stand out. Allowing companies to measure their service standards, aiming increasingly to excellence. It is crucial, in fact, remember that customer service is now considered to be the soul of commerce. It becomes necessary, therefore, serve the customer moving into the future. And Inoxmare is doing exactly that. It’s about fulfil customers’ wishes by anticipating future needs. That is exactly why  the expansion of our warehouse  will be built in Bologna (Italy) in 2019.


Why this choice?

So, why this choice? There are many reasons, first of all, our intent to provide customers with even better logistics service. This expansion will allow us to streamline processes related to order fulfilment, labelling etc.. Allowing us to be even more competitive. Furthermore, reducing logistics costs.


Inoxmare – Here some numbers.

15,800 total square meters (against the current 9,000 sm) that will increase the pallet places per 20,000 with a consequent increase of our stock. In addition to 13.5 meters high, against today’s 6 mt (about). Now, we are able to process more than 300 orders per day, numbers that we can strengthen thanks to this enlargement.


Big Warehouse, big news!

To meet the ever-increasing demands of customers about custom canning and labelling, we planned the construction of a designated area for these activities (approximately 600 m2). This led us to the launch of our new range of buckets (round or square). Now available for the decking screws to AISI 316, AISI 304 and AISI 410 stainless steels. On request, for the repackaging of other products also. Buckets may contain 400, 500 or 1000 pieces. In addition, we are giving customers the opportunity to request personalization of labels (including colour).

Inoxmare is a company that’s moving forward!

Visit our website and find out how easy it is to buy online! Real-time prices and availabilities of all Inoxmare range (stainless steel fasteners, fittings, marine hardware and fastening systems for photovoltaic installations.

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