Silicon, Titanium and Vanadium. How They Affect Properties of Steels?

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How change the properties of steels when certain chemicals are added during their preparation? Titanium, silicon and vanadium are just a few of these elements we’ll cover today.

Silicon: a semiconductor.

Silicon (Si) is a tetravalent metalloid and semiconductor. This element is always associated to iron ore and it is used as a constituent in some types of steel, especially as a flux (or deoxidizing). Silicon is used on:

  • spring steels
  • magnetic steel
  • scaling resistant.
Titanium and niobium.

Titanium (Ti) is a transition metal known for his corrosion resistance. It is used in different ways in the processing of steel. For example as flux, denitrurante and grain refining. It is used on stainless steel for preventing intergranular corrosion (for stabilization). Precipitation hardening steels, however, this metallic element is used to improve the mechanical properties (for example high strength structural steels). Niobium (Nb) is also a rare and ductile transition metal, which is never found in its native state. It is mainly used in the production of special metal alloys, as well as in high-resistance welding. This element, in fact, has multiple applications especially in the composition of stainless steels.

Vanadium: a rare element.

Vanadium (V) is a rare element which, in certain minerals, is in the form of compound. This element is a tough and ductile transition metal and it is rarely found in nature. It is able to increase the mechanical strength in construction steels. And it increases the wear resistance of stainless steel for tools. It is also used on metal alloys as

  • special stainless steel (for example for the production of surgical instruments)
  • high speed tool steels (for example Allen keys).
Tungsten: a transition metal.

The transition metal tungsten (W) is an extremely hard and heavy, it is also excellent resistance to corrosion. Used in the making of steel, as well as decrease the sensitivity to overheating, this element can greatly increase:

  • tempering stability
  • hardness and wear resistance
  • hot resistance.

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