How to Make a Correct Designation System for Fasteners?

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designation system for fasteners

The “UNI 3740-1 – 1999 – Threaded steel connection elements. Technical requirements. General information.” standards, in addition to specifying the general requirements for steel nuts, bolts and studs, also identifies a system for the designation of fasteners. Furthermore, the “UNI ISO 1891:2014 – Fasteners – Terminology” provides translation guidance for terms and nomenclature commonly used to describe fasteners (as screws, bolts and accessories) and lays down the terminology of fasteners in English, French and Russian. In addition, gives the equivalent terms in Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish. But, only the terms given in the official languages can be considered as ISO terms.

What does this designation system for fasteners?

According to this standard, the designation system for fasteners must include certain information. What are these data?

  • It is short
  • It is the name of product
    • THREAD SIZE OR NOMINAL SIZE (e.g. diameter)
    • FURTHER DIAMETERS OR FEATURES (e.g. tolerance of pin diameter, if necessary)
    • NOMINAL LENGHT (for bolts, screws, studs, pins, if necessary)
    • THREAD LENGHT OR SHANK LENGHT (if necessary)
    • TYPE OF PRODUCT (if necessary)
    • PRODUCT GRADE (if necessary)
    • TYPE OF DRIVE (if necessary)
    • SURFACE (if necessary)
    Designation system for fasteners in practice. Here’s and example!

    We analyze some examples of fasteners designation according to standards. As a first example, we can make the description of a specific type of fasteners. Shown below, stainless steel AISI 304 – DIN 933 sim. UNI 5739 EN ISO 4017 hexagon screw, M8 x 20.

    Are there other required information?

    In order to complete the designation, it is necessary to insert the special technical requirements. Those that have been discussed and agreed when ordering.

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