Stainless Steel. How to Check the Quality?

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how to check the quality

Stainless Steel. How to Check the Quality? Today we will discover what tools can use the end-user to determine if the product they are buying is quality or not.

What do to purchase you a quality stainless?

What has the customer when ordering stainless steel? In fact, it is necessary to properly maintain your order so you don’t get any nasty surprises. Better then have:

  • the chemical and physical characteristics of the material exactly according to ISO or EN
  • product traceability (i.e. 3.1 certificate according to EN 10204 to know the exact provenance)

Also, in case you’re ordering stainless steel components, it is essential to verify the existence of specific rules concerning the product (e.i. stainless screws refer to standard UNI EN ISO 3506 product specification that standardizes the chemical characteristics, mechanical performance and correct marking).

Some example.

The “Italian Steel Center” shared two instances where the consumer had problems with quality of goods purchased after you have placed an order incorrectly.


  • Purchased material: stainless steel used in machinery for the food industry
  • Origin: extra-European
  • Order:

             – only generic abbreviation material
             – without reference to the standards

  • Result: oxidized equipment after a few months and foodstuffs treated damaged.


  • Purchased material: cast products for the petrochemical industry
  • Origin: extra-European
  • Order:

              – reference standards only for chemical analysis

  • Results:

              – poor surface quality of molten jet
              – triggering of corrosion after three months.


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