Stainless Steel. Why Do Quality Products Cost So Much?

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Often poor quality steels (“strangely” competitive) can affect the performance of an artifact after the commissioning.

Conformity according to European standards.

Often, in reference to the non-compliance is detected, stainless steel European and international standards. In fact, there is a mis-identification of the material or of the product itself. How can consumers protect themselves? The “Italian Stainless Center” performs this task by consumer protection of stainless steel.

Often, the word “inox” is synonymous with material that is not subject to corrosion or mechanical failures. Belief is not always truthful. In fact, there are many factors to consider such as:

  • Selecting the alloy in relation with working conditions
  • Correctly designed
  • Machining and installation mode.

It’s not just physiological but also problems problems related directly to the different types of basic material.

Why do quality products cost so much?

The cost of the material can be influenced by various factors, one of which is to verify the quality of steel products (phase-by-phase). Especially in European steelworks inside production cycle is certified ISO 9000.

In addition to this we will find a product that reflects precisely:

  • the international reference ISO and European standards EN
  • the rules related to the issues of impact and environmental protection ISO 14000 series.

This is a “cost” which will have a significant effect on the final price of the product, but it will be a guarantee of the quality of the product itself.

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