Boat Bottom. What Is the Best Material? – PART 1

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What can “cause” the corrosion of the boat bottoms? Both galvanic currents and animal and vegetable organisms present in the water can cause this phenomenon. How do you protect them?

Annual maintenance. What should you replace?

Before the boat launching it is requires a careful maintenance. But what are the work to be carried out?

  • Removing the pests from the bottom (with a thorough brushing and a complete wash)
  • Accurate control of the waterline
  • Replacement of sacrificial anodes (also called “zinc”).

Foulings on bottom. What materials must be done it?

The bottom surface is usually subject to fouling of flora and fauna that slow scrolling of the boat in the water. However, it is noted as some materials being attacked with less ease than others. For example, stainless steel remains less corrupt than other materials. Especially in relation to galvanic corrosion problems that instead afflicts materials such as copper and lead. On a steel bottom, the wear of some parts is considerable. Special attention should be paid, for example, to sacrificial anodes (as mentioned above). If the galvanic current will be particularly aggressive, you will need to replace them before putting in water the boat (note that the maximum wear is of 75%).

What causes the galvanic corrosion?

Sea water is effectively an excellent liquid conductor. If two different metallic materials (with different electric potential) come into contact with each other, immersed in a liquid conductor, it will take place a galvanic current. What causes it? By a different electric potential. In fact, the material with lower electrochemical potential is called the cathode and instead, the one with higher electric potential is called anode. The latter feeds the flow yielding particles, this leads it to corrode, resulting in oxidation of the cathode.

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