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stainless steel u-bolts

We are looking to include in our range the stainless steel u-bolts. Suitable for fixing of pipes.

More details.

This type of item is available in stainless steel AISI 316 and AISI 304.

Now, the minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces for size.







What are the available size?

Here’s the size that we are able to provide.

SIZE a b d2 d3
M 8×1″ 34 21 7,1 M8
M 8×1-1/2″ 49 28 7,1 M8
M 10×2″ 61 28 8,9 M10
M 10×3″ 89 33 8,9 M10
M 12×5″ 140 44 10,8 M12
M 12×6″ 168 52 10,8 M12


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