Standard EN 1090-2 – Steel Structural Products. PART 2

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The second part of our post on EN 1090-2 concerning the execution of steel structures and aluminium. Today we will see more specifically the products identified by the standard.

What type of steel structural products?

It is necessary that these products conform to the following European norms:

  1. Structural carbon steel

            1.1 EN10025 set form part 1 to part 6 (structural hot-rolled products)
            1.2 EN 10210-1 (hot finished pipes)
            1.3 EN 10219-1 (cold formed pipes)

  1. Strips and sheets, suitable for cold forming

            2.1 EN 10025-2 (non-alloyed steels for structural use)

            2.2 EN 10025-3, 4 (fine grain structural steels)

            2.3 EN 10149, EN 10268 (high yield strength steels)

            2.4 ISO 4997 (cold-hammered steel)

            2.5 EN 10346 (coated steels for continuous hot dip)

            2.6 EN 10169 (continuously coated steel flat products with organic material)

            2.7 EN 10139 (narrow strips)

  1. Stainless steels

            3.1 EN 10088-4 (sheets, sheet and strips)

            3.2 EN 10088-5 (bars, rod and profiles)

            3.3 EN 10296-2 (tubes with or without welding)

According to the European Regulation 305/2011, 1.1, 1.2 points-related products, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2 require the CE marking. Then, supplies must be accompanied by:

  • the control documents described above
  • the CE marking
  • the Declaration of performance of manufacturers

For the purpose of the use in Italy, for the remaining products will be also required that the manufacturer is in possession:

  • the certificate of qualification issued by central technical services of the Superior Council of public works

Structural products. What else defines the norm?

In addition to the one mentioned above, the standard also defines other things in relation to structural products. But what?

  • Thickness tolerances (see EN 10029)
  • Requirements for surface finishes

           – depending on the type of profile
           – distinguishing between carbon steel and stainless steel

  • Any particular properties to be defined in your project (such as the degree of internal discontinuity).


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