Standard EN 1090-2 – Section 5: The Component Items – PART 1

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Today back to the matter in hand of standard EN 1090-2 concerning the Execution of steel structures and aluminium. In particular, we focus on Section 5 which deals with products that add defining the characteristics of metal products used in steel structures.

What standards says?

The type of control document to be provided to the buyer in accordance with EN 10204 is defined by the standard for each type of product (or by-product)

What are the types of control documents?

  • First type 2.1 (manufacturer’s declaration according to which the provision is in compliance with the order)
  • Second type 2.2 (document containing results of physical-chemical tests performed on the samples of material taken from production batches, in the plant manufacturer from which also supply bought by the customer)
  • Third type 3.1 (document containing results of the physicochemical tests carried out by the manufacturer on the samples of material taken from the supply acquired by the customer specification)
  • Fourth type 3.2 (document containing results of the physicochemical tests performed in laboratories of companies outside the producer on the samples of material taken from the supply acquired by the customer specification)

The definition of the type of control document must be specified in the contract between the producer and the customer. It may happen that the customer requires specific monitoring documents (type 3.1) even if the signs are less defined (type 2.1 for strustural fasteners). It is obviously required traceability for all products from production through to use. This is a mandatory requirement for EXC3 and EXC4. Products, therefore, should be marked? Yes, all products require a marking which can be done through painting, stamping, barcodes, labels etc..

What are the products identified by the standard?

Here below is a list:

  • steel structural products
  • molten steel castings
  • filler materials for welding
  • mechanical connectors
  • pins and shear connectors
  • mortars
  • expansion joints for bridges
  • high-strength cables, rods and terminations
  • structural bearings

In the next post we will enter into the specifics of all products identified by the standard set out above.


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