Maturing of the Beer – Wood or Stainless Steel: Do You Know What’s Better?

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The maturing of the beer is one of the fundamental aspects of the process of creating this drink.

There are several techniques from innovative ones those close to tradition.

Stainless steel tanks. Why to use them?

The maturation of the beer in wooden barrels is a technique used for centuries then undermined by the arrival of stainless steel tanks. What are the advanteges of using the tank in stainless steel? First, the latter are stronger, in addition to having excellent durability. Equally important is the issue. The steel tanks are easier to clean and are perfect for food use.


The maturing into wooding barrels.

In recent years, there was a strong return to the maturing in wood. Beer fermenting or agign in wooden barrels, in fact, become more refined slowly and develop very special perfume notes.

That’s why are criticala s well:

  • The choice of wood it is made the barrel. Any wood will match a different aroma.
  • Possibly the previous contents of the cask (some manufacturers choose to aging beers in oak barrels previously containing wine or whisky)

Unfortunately, aging in wood also has some “against”. The porosity of the wood, exposes the beer upon contact with oxygen in the external environment. Not always a good thing for some types of beers.


Sanitizing of tank on steel. What do you need to watch out for?

If you use bleach on metal components require a short contact time. In fact, the bleach is a highky oxidizing and corrosive. There is a risk, with prolonged contact, to form small cracks or scratches on the surface of stainless steel (even in the presence of 300 series alloys are usually more resistant to corrosion). These cracks can occur both phenomena of pitting corrosion that cracks. Special care must be used for stainless steel bolts and sealings.

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