Standard ISO 3506 – The Carbon Content of Stainless Steel

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Today we want to talk about standard ISO 3506 – 2009. That is especially of excerpt about carbon content of austenitic A4 stainless steel.

Standard DIN EN ISO 3506-1:2009.

Below is the Table 1 where are explained the chemical compositions of all groups of steels. What we will consider joining us today is the A4 austenitic ones. Here we can see that the degree of carbon contained in this steel is 0.08.

In addition the Table 1 – point “g”, also in the Table B1 is explained that for steels with ferritic-austenitic structure with the maximum carbon content is 0.03.

Table 1 – point “i”.

How can a producer add the 0.008% carbon by ensuring that the material produced remains under?

In the preceding table it is specifies that “at the discretion of the manufacturer, the carbon content may be higher where required in order to obtain the specified mechanical properties at larger diameters, but shall not exceed 0,12% for austenitic steels.”

So what do we make of that?

Therefore, the manufacturer can add the 0.008% on 16 mm in diameter (bar 2 mt). While the material perfectly.


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