2016 – Statistical Report About Solar and Photovoltaic

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An interesting post on statistical statements made by GSE which is responsible for the Italian System of Monitoring of Renewable Energy and who manages renevable evergy support mechanisms.

Some numbers.

At 31 December 2016 photovoltaic systems installed in Italy are 732.053 (corresponding to a capacity of 19.283 MW).

At the end of the 2016, in Italy there are 19.283 MW of photovoltaic plants. The latter, during the past year have generated 22.104 GWhIn 2016 were intalled more than 44.000 systems (almost all with under 200 kW) with a total capacity of 382 MW. An increase of 10% compared to 2015.


All sizes.

Altogether the national medium-size of PV systems continues to decline. In 2016 has a value of 26.3 kW. The new plant came into operation in 2016 are especially small plants connected to the low voltage network.


Region to region.

The number of photovoltaic systems installed and their relative power is very homogeneous in all the Italian regions. Let’s take a closer look, two regions represent 28.5% of the sustems installed in the national territory. Let us see what:

  • LOMBARDIA: who holds the record in terms of numbers (with just under 110.000 plants)
  • VENETO: in second place (with 99.486 plants)


What are te regions with the lowest penetration of photovoltaic systems?


And in terms of installed power instead?

  • PUGLIA: ranks first (with 2.623 MW).


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