Fasteners Production – Find Out The Plastic Deformation.

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Today we talk about the fastener production by plastic deformation.

What are the processes of massive deformation?

They are all those processes in which the preforms thereof undergoes plastic deformation under the action of forces that are enforced by different types of the mould and equipments.

How these processes are classified? On first, they depending on the type of operation (primary or secondary) and secondly they according to a partition of operational temperatures (as cold, warm, hot)

In particular, the classification for type operation processes:

  • Primary processing:

                – they are made from billet/metallic piece (which is obtained by casting processes)
                – it is subsequently deformed into preforms thereof (with various shapes) by processes of forging, rolling extrusion and drawing.

  • Minor processing include further deformation processes:

                – starting from preforms that are obtained by the primary processing
                – until semi-finished or finished product (e.g. fasteners, gears etc..)

The technological processes for plastic deformation.

Look more closely some of the technological processes for plastic deformation.


The wire-drawing: wire production technology.


The wire processing technologies are that family of processes used to produce components with a limited length. How does the plastic deformation do? The latter is accomplished by applying compressive forces (with the use of moulds). Among the components made to craft. For example, there is the fasteners.


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