Production of Fasteners – What Are the Technological Processes?

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production of fasteners

Production of fasteners. Fasteners can be produced through three basic technological procedures. Why don’t we find out them together?

Which are processes?

As stated above there are three different technological processes for the production of fasteners. There they are:

  • by shaving removal (small batch of screws)
  • hot plastic deformation (for larger diameters)
  • by cold plastic deformation (for smaller diameters)

Let’s see in particular!

Process by shaving removal.

This type of process start with bars. These are then processed on automatic lathes. This in order to get small series or small parts of special shapes. It is not always respected this schematic subdivision with respect to technological processes. In fact, mixed processes are required in some productions.

Hot plastic deformation process.

This procedure has its field of application by induction heat systems for hot forging fasteners production. Especially in the presence of large fasteners.


Cold plastic deformation process.

The last but not the least, the procedure for cold plastic deformation. The most widely used (at least up to 30 mm diameter) for the steel wire in rolls on automatic presses. Why is this the most used? What are the many technical and economic advantages, compared to the other two cases?

  • Maximum hourly production rate
  • Minimum consumption of raw material
  • Best dimensional quality on the finished product
  • Best mechanical characteristics on the finished product.


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