Stainless Steel Ordinary Maintenance. What Not to Use? – PART 2

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Stainless Steel Ordinary Maintenance

Stainless Steel Ordinary Maintenance. This is the second post dedicated to how to maintain your stainless steel surfaces . Always following the indications of the Italian Association for the development of stainless steel we suggest you what you don’t have to use to do this.


The tools that are out.

You should not use:

  • abrasive sponges, brushes or discs made with other metals or alloys (i.e. common steel, aluminum, brass, etc..)
  • tools that have previously worked or cleaned other metals or alloys (nb: these cause scratches to the surface and unsightly streaks)


What to use with caution:

  • sponges and brushes of stainless steel (which will not contaminate the surface). To avoid the scratches.


Acids that are not ok.

You must not use:

  • hydrochloric acid (or muriatic acid)
  • hydrochloric acid vapours (e.g. from the washing of floors)
  • bleach


To avoid also:

  • cleaners containing chlorides (unless the contact times are short and then to an abundant rinsing)


No detergents in abrasive powder.

Even powdered abrasive cleaners should be avoided. You might ruin the aesthetics of the surface finish (e.g. satin-finished)


Other “Out products”.

It is not recommended the use of substances used to clean silver.


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