Welded Steel Chain Specifications.

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welded steel chain

Today we are talking about welded steel chain. In the following, the specifications of NACM – National Association of Chain Manufacturers (who representing domestic manufacturers of chain since 1933) concerning the wide range of products such as stainless steel chain.

How to use the chain?

These size and related specifications are applicable to chain in proper physical condition used at or below the working load limit in normal use conditions.

The conditions involving use in certain environmental situations such as unusual (high or low) temperature, chemical etc.. can cause changes in chain performance. Sudden application of dynamic loads, which cause the load in the chain to exceed the working load limit, are to be avoided. Individual manufacturers will provide information and recommendations concerning those conditions most likely to cause problems.

Which and when use it?

These specifications cover properties and grades of welded steel chain for industrial and commercial uses produced to accepted commercial tolerances. Special products such as sprocket chain, pocket wheel chain, etc.. are not covered by this specification. For specific applications, the user should consult the manufacturer for recommendations as to size and grade.


               – Premium quality
               – Highest and high strength alloy chain
               – Heat treated
               – Used in a variety of sling and tie down applications.
               – For overhead lifting applications (only these chain should be used).


              – High quality
              – High strength carbon steel chain
              – Heat treated
              – Used for load securement. (not be used in overhead lifting)


              – High corrosion-resistence
              – Used in food processing, chemical, marine and high temperature environments
              – Certain stainless steel chains may be used for overhead lifting. (nb: consult with the manufacturer before using any stainless steel chain for overhead lifting)

The critical environment

The alloy steel chains grade 80 and 100 must not be used to:

  • Alkaline environment (pH > 10)
  • Acidic environment (pH < 6).

To operate in acidic environments and in the presence of corrosive vapours can be useful the use of stainless steel chains grade 50. Bearing in mind that their range is less than those of alloy steel chain grade 80 and grade 100.

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