Stainless Steel Turnbuckles and Thimbles – What Are They Used For?

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After the previous post blog about terminals and clips, now a post about AISI 316 stainless steel turnbuckles and thimbles must be made.

Turnbuckles. What is it used for?

Commonly, the turnbuckles are made with a body threaded at both ends. Another characteristic, which is no less important, it is the right and left thread. The turnbuckles are essential when one needs to realize (both on a boat or ashore) structures such bulwarks, bulwark and balustrade. Always minimizing the dimensions and weight. There are ample sectors where stainless steel turnbuckles are used. Simply, are sectors where the cables are used.


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What is thimble? And what’s that for?

The thimble is a grooved ring placed inside the loop (or bowline knot) of a rope. It is used precisely to protect the rope from wear due to friction with other cables, bars, carabiners, hook and similar. This ensures the integrity of the ropes.

It was originally made of wood. Today, it is produced with its unmistakable teardrop shape. In metallic material. The U-section which characterizes the thimble shall conform to the rope to stay.

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