Stainless Steel Wood Hook Screws – How to Use Them?

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wood hook screws

Wood screws, wood hook screws, wood square hook screws and wood eye screws are very popular and required in the hardware stores. Their function is very clear and which includes bricolage and industrial applications in sequence.

Wood hook screws: some advice.71CEBD97681769713ED67EC2F8F75263.jpg

The choice of the item depends on its use. Here some good advice to take. You have make a prehole as for the wood screws, also in this case.


The threading (which is unified in UNI699 table) is realized on a tapered steFF2B1A52463F6C198F5D155ECD4443AF.jpgm with a relatively small thread that compared to the pitch and it allows easy screwing at the top of the shank. The helix media is less inclined than the bottom. Also, this feature creates a strong resistance to unscrewing.


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