Torx Screw or Phillips Screw – Are the Same Thing?

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torx screw

The Torx screw (also called “six-pointed screw”) is commonly conflated with the Philips screw.

How not to be wrong?

TORX: a registered trade mark.

Torx screw is a specific type of head screw which is characterized by a recess with six-pointed. This trade mark was registered and has been developed by Camcar LLC – Acument Global Technologies (ex Camcar Textron).

Today, this type of screw is standardized in accordance with the ISO 10664 standards: Hexalobular Socket Screw (TX).

TX screws: where you need to use them?

These screws were used in industry, at first. Indeed, they have been used together with the dynamometer screwdriver tightening limited. The latter were necessary to the force required. Today, increasingly, shall be used on all kinds of different materials as wood, metal sheet, screw-nuts clamping.

Phillips screw and Torx screw are compared.

There are also many technical differences between Phillips screws and Torx screws.

Here are some in the table below:


The screwdriver out when is applied a lot of strength. (type H Phillips) It prevent that the screwdriver out of screw head when is applied a lot of strength.
Tightening limited It can be closer than the Phillips screw, thanks to their design.
It limited the lifetime of the utensil and screws themselves. The screwdriver never loses contact from the screw.
It is dangerous when lose contact from the screw. Allows you to apply a controlled torque characteristic.


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