A Few Fun Facts About Hexagon Socket Screws.

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hexagon socket screws
According about hexagon socket screws.

The stainless steel hexagon socket screws (as the others screws commercially available) are classified according to their resistance indicated by 50 (500 N/mm²), 70 (700 N/mm²) or 80 (800 N/mm²). These numbers are embedded on the screw head, together with type of material (A2 orA4) and the manufacturer’s trademark (from to the diameter M5 ISO 3506).

When using them?

The hexagon socket head cap screw are used in cases where there are very small space (when this can be a problem). Also, these screws with their ample potential uses are used in different sectors (as construction industry, mechanical industry, furniture industry and food industry).

Another type of hexagon socket screws are those with countersunk head. These latter have a flat profile and they are without obstacle, thanks to this form.

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