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stainless steel fasteners

Stainless steel fasteners means: screws, bolts, washers and nuts. So all those key components for theassembly. These items differ in their type, size, forms but also for their quality standards. These components must be made on national and EU laws and directives that certifying their quality and security conformity.

Stainless steel normalized and special fasteners.

The fixing elements are divided into two categories:

  1. Normalized fasteners: all threaded elements of connecting which are established by national and EU standards.
  1. Special fasteners: all mechanical elements which are produced exclusively for a particular order and to meet the specifically identified requests of clients.
More products, more assortment.

It is important to offer our customers more suitable stainless steel fasteners items according to their needs. Indeed, take for example the stainless steel head nuts which may be: round, hexagonal or square. For wood surfaces should be utilised cup head and square neck which favours adherence.

All stainless steel fasteners shall be identified with initials which corresponds to their characteristics and mechanical qualities. The categorisation carved into every single components head with letters and numbers. The first letter identifies the type of thread (the triangular threads are characterised by “W” while the regular ones by “M”).

Indeed, the first number identifies the threaded external diameter (or nominal diameter) while the second one identifies the screw thread length. Finally, the last number identifies the strength class.

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